The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Adriana G. Prat
Date:December 29, 0899

Adriana G. Prat

studio 213

I confront painting like meditation; only the physicality of the painting materials and sentiment experienced within an instant in time-space command my art making process. In this meditative state of mind, I produce typically warm-colored and/or highly textural non-representational paintings.

My art is characteristically informed by the rumination on an emotion or subject in which I frequently dwell: gratitude, identity and loss are archetypal protagonists in my art.  Writing plays a recurrent and vital role in my process. Poems, reflections, or words serve as mantras during my highly gestural painting process, a textured foundation on which introspective journeys can be further explored and made manifest on the canvas surface, although the text is often illegible or absent in the finished artwork.

I work mainly with oil-based paint, but experiment with acrylics to create more fluid textures. I have recently started experimenting with encaustic painting to continue exploring my textural voice in this uniquely spontaneous and versatile process.

For studio visits, please contact me via email or text.