The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Adriana G. Prat
Date:June 01, 2015

Adriana G. Prat

studio 213

I create my paintings in a state akin to meditation, while I ruminate on the emotions triggered by universal challenges that bring up challenges and dilemmas to our existence, mostly those related to the climate crisis.

While I am mostly a non-representational artist, I often create abstract topographies that evoke the cells of organisms or maps. The images can be imagined either on a microscopic scale, or a macroscopic level. Microscopically, informed by my scientific background, the biomorphic forms I create approximate cellular structures. Macroscopically, these forms are often reminiscent of maps, geographies, or even our planet as a whole, in its constant struggle to survive; morphing and mutating under the endless pressure of human-induced exploitation and environmental change.

In search of finding sustainable ways to produce my art, the cardboards and repurposed canvases I utilize as support for my paintings take me further in the direction I believe we all need to go towards: halting our exponential environmental impact on the world.

For studio visits, please contact me via email or text