The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Cathy Bennigson
Date:February 04, 2013

Cathy Bennigson

Studio: # 201
Phone: (617) 953-4235

After more than twenty years as a mother and business consultant I enrolled full time at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts where I completed the Diploma Program and the Fifth Year program. Now I play in paint and explore edges, those places where two things come together; objects, spaces, people, colors. The quest for me is the nature of those transitions, those edges. Sometimes they are sharp and visible, heavy and bold. Sometimes they are fragile and permeable. And sometimes they dissolve completely. The fascination for me is exploring those transitions, those edges, those relationships.

name of art

Playing with Red

name of art

Whites on a Branch

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Ivory Keys