Artist:Nedret Andre
Date:February 04, 2014

Nedret Andre

Nedret Andre
450 Harrison Ave. Studio 415
Boston, MA 02118

The interconnectedness of a vast number of species sheltered, fed and protected by seagrass habitats is an inspiration for my abstract landscapes. Color, mark making and pattern play an important role in my paintings. I use saturated and soft colors evoke sensations of something familiar, of home, nature, and water. I intend to bring the viewers attention to the importance of sea grass globally in the survival of endangered marine sea life.

Nedret Andre’s solo shows include BU, Stetson Gallery, Touch Gallery, Ataturk Cultural Center, Hourglass Gallery, and Local Colors. Group shows include Walsingham Gallery, Carole Calo Gallery, Soprafina Gallery, Kingston Gallery, and Danforth Museum. Her large piece.




Beach, Oil on Canvas, 47”x 47”, 2016


Covers and Pillows, Oil on Panel, 24”x 24”, 2016


Seagrass In the Rain, Oil on Panel, 16”x 20”, 2016