The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Nella Lush
Date:April 04, 2000

Nella Lush

Nella Lush
Studio #220

“I am a full time artist working predominately from my studio in North Andover. Having a SOWA studio is a great source of interaction with the public that I do not have with my No. Andover studio only. I love talking with people about art in general and my process. I especially enjoy the interaction with young art students who are searching for their voices. I do not like to place my art into a specific category because my art is developed from my emotions which are specific to the moment, event and/or life happenings. One element that is constant in my art is my love of texture with color and how it reveals itself to the viewer. I am not seeking perfection but rather seeking to express who I am and why I create. My personal history comes into play with my work, where I came from and my life experiences.”

Nella is the president of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), the oldest women’s organization in the US. NAWA’s mission is to promote and empower women in the arts. Nella is also the founder of the Experimental Group of the Rockport Art Association and Museum, with over 100 members at this time. Nella has been mentoring artists for many years from her weekly one day gatherings in her studio. Her “Tuesday group” is called “Art from the Soul”. Her Tuesday classes are structured to aid artists in undoing mental blocks that prevent freedom of expression. Nella also maintains a studio in southern Italy.

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