The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Stephen Silver
Date:June 07, 2015

Stephen Silver

Studio: # 211
Phone: (978) 337-4191

My goal as an oil painter is to freely use color and shape to create abstract paintings that I transform into imaginary landscapes. Some of my paintings seem more recognizable, and some less so, but they’re always expressions of my emotional attachment to my surroundings. Even though my compositions have incomplete information, they still convey a sense of place. The place will be different for each viewer based on their own interpretation of the painting.

Steve, a native of New York, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. He has studied at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston and has been a student of master artist Tom Ouellette. Steve’s work can be seen in galleries, has been in numerous shows and is in many private collections. It can also be viewed at his studio, located at 450 Harrison Ave. in SOWA, a major artist’s community in Boston.

Steve is the founder of the SOWA Artists Guild, an association of over 50 studio artists. The Guild sponsors First Friday events every month at 450 Harrison Ave. in Boston. A lifelong artist, Steve was able to devote full time to his painting after a successful business career in which he was CEO of several high tech companies.

Landscape #110 Landscape #136 silver