Home: located at 450 Harrison Ave in Boston’s SoWa Art + Design District

First Friday, May 3rd, 5-9pm

Friday, May 3rd, is First Friday. Over 80 artists open their studios for the "First Friday" of every month from 5-9pm. Also, we are hosting a brand new event: 2nd Sunday, 12-3pm every month. Join us for 2nd Sunday March 10th! On other days, check with any artist to see when they are open.

Stephen Silver
studio 211
Debby Krim
Studio 223a
Paul Pedulla
studio #314
SoWa Art + Design District
450 Harrison Ave, Boston
First Friday
The First Friday of every month all year long!
Mark Peterson
studio 228
Arnie Casavant
studio 218
Tom Stocker
studio #209
SoWa Artists
First Friday
every month, 5-9pm
Sandy Belock-Phippen
studio 412A