Home: located at 450 Harrison Ave in Boston’s SoWa Art + Design District

Next First Friday: January 3rd, 6-9pm. Next Second Sunday: January 12th, 11-4.

Friday, January 3rd, is First Friday. Over 80 artists open their studios for the "First Friday" of every month from 5-9pm. January 12th is Second Sunday. Open 11-4. On other days, check with any artist to see when they are open.

Stephen Silver
studio 211
Debby Krim
Studio 223a
Paul Pedulla
studio #314
SoWa Art + Design District
450 Harrison Ave, Boston
First Friday
The First Friday of every month all year long!
Mark Peterson
studio 228
Arnie Casavant
studio 218
Tom Stocker
studio #209
SoWa Artists
First Friday
every month, 5-9pm
Sandy Belock-Phippen
studio 412A