The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Beth Dacey
Date:February 05, 2013

Beth Dacey

Studio: # 323
Phone: (781) 710-9822

Each painting begins with a vintage black and white photograph that captures an incidental moment in time. The shadows, poses, and fragments from an unknowable past, feel compelling to me; and while I paint from a record of someone else’s gaze, the images pass through me and become mine. As the painting evolves from my own choice of color, stroke, perspective and composition, I create a personal context and meaning. While I am interested in the nonverbal aspect of memory, in a personal way, I am intrigued by the collectiveness of memory. I want my paintings to tap into a longing for familiarity as they tell stories that connect uniquely.

Woman in Rowboat Woman in Blue Suit Orange Cap