The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Heather Buechler
Date:April 03, 2000

Heather Buechler

Heather Buechler
Studio 215

My art evolves with me and each collection is representative of my state of mind at the time that it was created. My inspirations are spontaneous and I tend to use my intuition and my instinct as guides for the direction of my art. My collections materialize into whirlpools of darkness, purity and divinity, arbitrariness, and supremacy – all intertwined with one another. Indeed, my art is a rollercoaster of my life, often depicting abstractly my spiritual beliefs in order to showcase my inner thought process in a form that can be accessible and appreciated by viewers. As such, at first glance my art appears to be merely abstract, but upon careful visual interaction with it one cannot help but feel the soothing peacefulness that emanates from the canvas. This feeling isn’t coincidental – it is intentionally crafted and it is the force behind my work. This visual interpretation of universal connectivity allows the viewer to lose themselves within the borders of the canvas. On a rudimentary level, my work is about beauty, truth, and connectivity.

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