The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Date:May 02, 2012

Brian Murphy


Studio: # 417
Phone: 617-451-7474

A self taught artist I started Totally Wired Sculpture in 2002 and I have gradually spent more time in the creative process, which seems to be a nice balance to my work as a child therapist primarily dealing with issues of trauma.

My work can be seen as lighthearted line drawings in the medium of steel wire. Often political and humorous themes are incorporated which can challenge or amuse the viewer leaving them uplifted. The goal of each piece is to create kinetic movement from the tension in the wire so that the figures seem to dance or sway on their own and appear enlivened. Mythological themes and tales of transformation dominate illustrating the power of art to help us change and grow.

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