The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Date:January 29, 2014

Caroline Bowden

Caroline Bowden
Studio 318

Artist Statement

My interest in pursuing mixed media grew out of a desire to create with my hands again. After many years working in graphic design, mostly in front of a computer, the impulse to make art ‘the old-fashioned’ way, applying various mediums by hand and brush, getting my hands dirty, was very compelling.

Even so, my background in design remains a major influence in my work,
informing my compositions and the found materials that I use. My love of type and printed ephemera means that old papers, books, magazines and sheet music often make up the backdrops to my pieces. My work has a strong graphic sensibility, layering words and images with rich textures and colors to create pieces that are both thoughtful and provocative. I come back to familiar themes over and over again when I’m working, revisiting them like old friends: innocence and loss, being rooted in the past, rebirth.

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