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Artist:Liz Linder
Date:January 01, 0970

Liz Linder

Liz Linder
Studio 316B

Liz Linder is a Boston-based photographer who uses images to tell stories; her work appears in leading publications from Rolling Stone to Fast Company to The New York Times. Linder’s images have graced the walls of institutions and regularly appear on film and TV. Her personal work is exhibited and collected through the US and Europe.

Over her career, personal projects range from figurative representation in film to smart phone collaboration with artists in different disciplines.

Moving Still, was shot on Tri-X film, with the Bennett Dance Company. The images explore movement, metaphor, and the intersection of gesture, light & abstract emotion. To see more, visit projects at

We Talk in Pictures, a joint project with Rich Griswold, explores how personal technology transforms the way people see and communicate. This body of work features a volley of smart phone image messages arranged in conversational pairs, which document – and even create — space between fleeting 21st Century instants. To see more, visit