Artist:Lynda Michaud Cutrell
Date:February 05, 2013

Lynda Michaud Cutrell

Studio: # 412B

. Post Bac & Diploma, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA 2007, 2008
. MBA, Suffolk University, Boston, MA, 1981. Fellowship
. Adjunct Professor, Boston College Graduate Program, Sales / Marketing 2000 – 2012
. Danforth Art Museum, Framingham, MA, 2011, 2012
. Then and Now, Pooke Gallery at Walnut Hill 2008, OKW Gallery 2008
. Metal Awards, Museum of Fine Arts, 2008
. Marblehead Festival of Arts 2007, 2009, 2012

Google Earth:
For Meditations. In “Google Earth” Series, I seek soothing imagery that is possible between the natural world and that of the makings of human-kind. I move from traditional landscape paintings to aerial views of the Earth. These paintings are a blueprint for the ecology and energy views of common areas; they translate into an abstract representations of contemporary structures and indicate the imprint of man on nature.
Grapevine Metaphors: Micro landscapes, portraits of grapes…. clinging to the vine. I use the grapevine as a metaphor, the cluster of fruit like a cluster of DNA. Where is the vine ancestry from? What is passed along? The vine metaphor emphasizes lineage and growth, the fruit is a product of parental vines and is affected by the environment, a product of both nature and of nurture.

PTown Google Earth From Up Here Clone 4 Grape