The Heart of Boston's Art Scene! (SoWa: South of Washington St)
Artist:Marcia Crumley
Date:June 01, 2014

Marcia Crumley

Marcia Crumley
Studio #225

Expressive Landscapes

I’m a contemporary landscape painter, with a love of bold color and rich textures. I grew up in New England and never tire of its changing seasons and fast-moving weather, and can spend hours watching the clouds and light dance across the water, mountains and woods. While I’m an avid photographer and take many reference photos, when I paint a scene I freely change the light, color and physical layout to heighten the mood and create color tension. In the end, it all boils down to my love of color, and of nature, and the pure joy I get from sharing this through my paintings.

I was named on of five “standout artists to keep an eye on” by Maine Home + Design in September 2017, and one of Maine’s “most collectible artists” in artmaine’s 2019 art guide. My art has been featured in regional and national publications including the Boston Globe, and The American Scholar.